New Mystery

I waste a lot of resin. Its been my first year exploring this medium and I cannot lie about how much I've wasted... Im not proud of it, but i had to start somewhere. Saying I was too eager and anxious to start isn't a good excuse to make either. 

Random idea. What if I used the fallen resin as a frame?? Something like Dan Lam-esque but flatter?? The canvas or wooden panel could appear to be floating against the wall! I'd need to figure out how to prop the surface while still having a flush line down to the table. 

i must solve this. 

Quiet Life

The birds are chirping and the wind is blowing. I hear no ambulances or any other vehicle around. It's silent. I've caught myself passing by neighbors without introducing myself. Is that the city girl in me? I know when the weather warms up, everyone will be outside and I'm going to have to say hello eventually. 

I need to learn how to prepare myself with food ahead of time.. 

Im so excited for all the flowers to bloom. I'd like to collect any fallen flower petals and leaves for future paintings. I saw other artists drying plants with silica gel and putting them in resin afterwards. I have all these lovely new images in my head. Now I just need more money to come and Spring to hurry up :)


Currently moving out of Brooklyn. Really following my blind faith on this one. I also think my chapter in Brooklyn is near an end. I came extremely curious. Curious about advertising and NY parties. It's nice to say that I'm leaving quenched. I'm incredibly grateful for all the experiences, but time to move on. 

No more hearing my neighbors drum and trumpet practices through my walls, no more late night bodega purchases, no more 3am seamless orders. I will miss all the amazing friends i've made and the family close by. Putting behind me all the boys I've kissed, all the subway trains I've slept in, all the offices I've trashed and wallets I've lost. 

Its time to do what I'm meant to do. Just have to figure out what that is exactly.